Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ode to a Spork

Three weeks ago, while sitting in a fast-food restaurant eating my cole slaw with a spork, I was surprised to find myself inspired by the utensil.  I studied it from all directions.  I played around with it to see what I could make it do.  Then I scribbled this poem on my napkin.  I battled myself for two weeks about whether to put this on my blog.  For better or worse, here ‘tis.


Ode to a Spork

Consider, my friend, the versatile spork

Found from southern California to northern New York.

In soup, a spoon, in salad a fork.

Held upside down, it resembles a stork.

You may call its inventor a nerd or a dork,

But it made him a bazillion dollars.

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